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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yo Blair, George's Little Lap Dog

Being brought up and having lived in England my entire life, it sickens me to see Tony Blair being so feeble. The conversation which was inadvertently picked up between Mr Bush and Mr Blair gives a good insight into their relationship. Tony Blair is as good as begging George Bush to let him go to the war zone in Lebanon/Israel, and act as a spokesman for the world, he wants his face seen on the world stage and that's it. You would have thought that on the political platform, these two would respect and be playing on a level playing field, apparently not, the way that Bush greets him with "Yo, Blair" shows the amount of respect he has for our prime minister, it is quite appalling really, it shows the lack of spine our current prime minister has, as well as the arrogance of Mr Bush and the Americans.

I quote Mr Bush "the thing is what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over." This seriously worries me, how a world leader can possibly say that is quite disturbing, he shows the understanding of the average teenager to the situation, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of teenagers studying Arab/Israeli history for their GCSE's did have more of a clue than him!

While England and America are being ruled by these two leaders, I cannot do anything but worry, it is a sorry sight. Both have proved to have been involved in their own secret agendas, e.g. the illegal invasion of Iraq, where are these weapons of mass destruction that we were reliably informed were being made in Iraq, the answer I feel is that the only weapon of mass destruction we need to worry about is George Bush while he is in charge of such a powerful country!

Let's just hope that the future leaders of these two great countries are slightly more competent!

Copyright 2006 - Victor Lensora

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Israel Palestine/Lebanon crisis, the Zionist Bullies

Over the past couple of week the crisis in Israel/Lebanon has continued to escalate and the situation is slowly descending into war. It is obviously a sad and worrying situation with daily deaths and the destruction of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, that being Beirut. You could argue that this all started with the Hizbollah abducting two Israeli soldiers, even if this were the case then the Israeli reaction was still extraordinarily exaggerated, killing many innocent Palestinian civilians. The two Israelis taken were soldiers, not civilians, the killing of many innocent civilians is a disgrace, and the Israeli overreaction is outrageous and should not be supported.

Obviously this feud is not a just a few weeks old, it has been continuing for the last 40 or so years, the Zionists evicting the Palestinians from their homeland. Can you imagine if one day, the US decided that all of the UK should have to live in Wales, while a religious group moved into the rest of the UK, our homes removed. There would be outrage, this is exactly what happened to the Palestinians, they were forced out of their homelands by the Jews into the Gaza Strip, if it were happening here, and I know I'd back a group who were willing to stand up against the invading group. That is exactly what Hizbollah is doing in standing up against Israel. The Jews were obviously persecuted during the second world war and for that we feel for them, but what they are doing to the Palestinians is nearly as bad, it is like the school playground, the one who has been bullied becomes the bully in the future, that is Israel right now persecuting the Palestinians. Many Zionists these days are in fact racists, although they may not realise it, they treat the Palestinians people as inferior often referring to them as "others", who class their lives as worth less than their own, it is a worrying time, there is so much hatred built up by the Zionists, it appears to cloud their own judgement, they appear not to realise the depths of darkness they have become. Israel can be likened to South Africa under apartheid, where one set of citizens (the Jews) receive full civil rights and benefits, while the other, the Palestinians, receive none, this is a racist state and there is no other way to describe it.

What sickens me further is the fact that in the past it has actually been the US and the UK who in the past funded the Israeli's, and they are using the weapons that were made and supplied by us to destroy and kill such treasured lands. Beirut once described at "The Second Paris", a place of extreme beauty look set to be put back 30 or more years due to the destruction that the Israeli's are continuing to do to their beautiful city, it truly is a saddening sight, the fact that we're a part of it only makes it worse. I do not want my name being associated with Israel and their racist views and gratuitous violence against the Palestinians, I'm sure the vast majority of Britain is of a similar view, including many British Jews, it saddens me to think that if a full scale war does break out, it will undoubtedly be the side of the Israelis that Britain will be on, when it is their behaviour which so disgusts me, how they believe they are so righteous is beyond me.

Copyright 2006 - Victor Lensora

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why do the English Always Complain about the Weather

Over the past week we have been fortunate enough to experience a heat wave, while avoiding the stormy weather. To me this is perfect, long sunny days, yet people are complaining. If it's not too hot, it's too cold, if it's not too wet, it's too sunny. Why cant the vast majority of the English population just be content with the weather, I imagine there are countries in the world that have a much diverse climate, yet I bet they don't complain half as much as the English.

I think it's about time the English got over themselves and accept the weather for what it is, and try to embrace different weather phenomena!

Copyright 2006 - Victor Lensora